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We have frequently given talks and demonstrations on behalf of organisations around the country. The following is an example of some of the topics covered, and each includes tasters (whenever possible).
Please contact Nick to discuss any potential talks or demonstrations.




How do you behave at a medieval feast and what would you expect to eat?

Feasting has always been a display of position and wealth, and we will take you through the etiquette and foods of the feast, leading up to the Tudor ‘banquet’. Discover how to sit at the table and what Anne Boleyn’s favourite food was, and hear how cutlery developed over time.



Are you a promiscuous diner? Do you eat your food from your knife?

Hear about how people dined during the late 18th century. You will be taken through the process and etiquette of Georgian dining, from when to dine, where to sit, what you would eat and drink, and how.




What did an early hot chocolate taste like? Why was it unsuitable for children to have chocolate?

Hear about the origins of chocolate and it's spread across Europe. Discover why the flavour changed over time. Taste some early chocolate recipes and learn about some of the tales of intrigue from the past use of chocolate.




What was Giacomo Casanova's favourite dish? Which foods did he share with the ladies of Venice?

This talk is probably best left for the grown-ups! Who was the real Casanova? He was a lover of food as well as women. Hear about his exploits and life, against the backdrop of the 18th century Venetian Carnivale.




What are the origins of Christmas? What is a real 'traditional' Christmas feast? Is there a plum in plum pudding?

We think of roast turkey with all the trimmings, followed by Christmas pudding as being 'traditional', but this talk lifts the veil on tradition. Discover how Christmas was celebrated from the time of Henry VIII through to Queen Victoria.

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