Ypocras (also known as Hypocras) is a spiced wine named after Hippocrates. Spiced wines go back at least as far as the Romans. It is said that the original Ypocras recipe was brought back during the Crusades. This recipe is based on one from the Forme of Curye from the early 1390s, and so is probably the earliest surviving recipe. It was usually made with red wine, but can be made with white wine, and served hot or cold.

14th Century Ypocras (Spice Mix for Wine)

  • (each spice bag makes 750ml)

    1. Place one of the spice bags in a saucepan and add a bottle of red (or white) wine. 
    2. Add 6 or 7 tbs of Demerara sugar.
    3. Bring the wine slowly almost to the boil, then remove from the heat and allow to sit for a few minutes. You can leave the bag in longer for a stronger flavour.
    4. Remove the spice bag, and pour the Ypocras into glasses and serve.