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This collection brings together three key ingredients for anyone wanting to try out some Roman cookery.


DefrutumSweet syrup made wit grapes, figs & fennel

Defrutum is a sweet Roman condiment created by boiling down grape must, often flavoured with herbs or fruit.

Defrutum was a syrup like ingredient used in many Roman recipes to add flavour to sauces forduck, chicken, vegetables or sweet fruit dishes.

This recipe is taken from Lucius Columella’s 1st century AD De Re Rustica, adding figs and a little fennel to the grape must.


Roman Mix - Herb mix

This Roman spice and herb mix is largely based upon the Roman collection of recipes, known as Apicius, or De Re Culinaria. It brings together a collection of herbs and spices used throughout a lot of Roman recipes, bringing an authentic flavour to your dishes. It can be used to add authentic Roman flavour to any stew, or use as a rub when grilling meat or fish.


GarumFish based condiment sauce

Garum is the classic Roman condiment made from fish and other herbs and fruits. It was used to add a salty and umami flavour to a large number of Roman recipes and drinks, often diluted in olive oil, wine or vinegar. 2-3 tsp of Garum is equal to about 1 tsp of dry salt.

Garum is extremely salty and should be used sparingly! This 'quick Garum recipe' is taken from the 10th century Geoponica collection of earlier Roman recipes, and uses a non-fermented recipe for this Roman condiment.

This Garum is made with sea salt, anchovies, mackrel, oregano and the Roman condiment: Defrutum (grape must, figs and fennel). 

Roman Cookery Collection

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  • Defrutum: Red Grape Juice, Water, Figs (Potassium Sorbate), Fennel.

    Roman Mix: Lovage, Thyme, Coriander, Origano, Spearmint, Long Pepper, Dill, CELERY, Savory.

    Garum: Water, Sea Salt, Anchovy, Mackerel, Grape Juice, Oregano, Fig, Fennel.

    Allergy advice: For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in BOLD.

  • Defrutum: 100ml

    Roman Mix: 20g

    Garum: 100ml

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