We have put together a ‘Medieval Hamper’ for this Christmas so that you can create a couple of authentic medieval meals. Try a lovely rich fruity stew from 1596, served with some pea pottage on the side, washed down with the best of the mulled wines. You can also enjoy the Mounchelet stew from the 14th century, with some Icelandic mustard and some sweet saffron bread, whilst sipping a cup with the honey and mint cordial.


1 x 1596 Stew mix

1 x 15th Century Saffron Bread mix

1 x 1591 Pea Pottage mix (For Yong Peason)

1 x Mounchelet Stew Mix

1 13th Century Icelandic Mustard

1 x 14th Century Ypocras spice mix for wine

1 x Honey & Mint Cordial

1 x Grains of Paradise spice pack

1 x Hamper

Medieval Hamper 2019