We have put together a selection of our most popular and delicious medieval foods, that you can use to form the basis of an extravagant medieval feast, or a couple of tasty and interesting meals. If you haven't discovered authentic medieval food before, this is the best way to start...

1 x 1596 Stew mix

1 x 15th Century Saffron Bread mix

1 x 1591 Pea Pottage mix (For Yong Peason)

1 x Mounchelet Stew Mix

1 x 14th Century Ypocras spice mix for wine

1 x Honey & Mint Cordial (250ml)

1 x 13th Century Icelandic Mustard

1 x Grains of Paradise spice pack

1 x Long Pepper spice pack

1 x Unicorn Torde (multi flavoured chocolate drops)

Medieval Discovery Set