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Lambswool is a drink that dates back far into medieval times and is variously made with ale or cider. It is the drink normally associated with Wassailing on Twelfth Night. The 17th century poet, Robert Herrick gives a recipe for it for Wasailling: “Next crown a bowl full, With gentle lamb's wool: Add sugar, nutmeg, and ginger, With store of ale too; And thus ye must do, To make the wassail a swinger”. There is debate about the origin of the name, whether it relates to Lammas (1st August), but it more likely refers to the appearance of the baked-apple pulp on the surface of the drink.


  • (makes 500ml)

    1. Add the spice mix to 500ml of apple juice or cider.
    2. Slowly bring to the boil and serve .
    3. For a truly authentic taste, add some baked apple to the drink before serving.
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