Honey & Mint Cordial


This is one of our most popular products!


This cordial is based upon a medieval Scandinavian recipe for ‘minted mead’, and combines a fresh hint of mint with a smooth, floral, fruity taste of honey. This cordial is frequently used amongst our customers as a non-alcoholic alternative to mead.


We recommend that our Honey & Mint Cordial is made up with still water, but it is also good with sparkling water, or made up with hot water.


Cordials have a long history dating back to the Italian apothecaries of the Renaissance, and were deemed to be medicinal. They were generally alcoholic and were flavoured with herbs and spices.


Our cordials are non-alcoholic, but use the flavours and ingredients of earlier cordials to produce a range of historically inspired drinks.

Honey & Mint Cordial

  • Best diluted with still water and served cold. Equally good with sparkling water, or even as a hot drink.

    One bottle makes up 2.5-3 litres