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The origins of curry are obscure, but by the 2nd half of the 18th
century recipes ‘to cook a currey the India way’ were appearing in
cookbooks. This is based on the earliest, by Hannah Glasse, and the result is a delicious mild chicken curry.

18th Century Currey Mix

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  • Method (serves 8): You will also require: 8 chicken breasts, ½ pint (284ml) cream & 2 pints chicken stock, butter.

    1. Cut the chicken breasts into thick slices about 1/3 inch thick, and fry lightly in butter until browned.

    2. Add the curry mix to the pan and fry for about 10 seconds while mixing.

    3. Add the stock, & bring to a simmer for 30 mins.

    4. Add the cream & stir in thoroughly, allow to thicken slightly and serve.

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