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This herbal mix is straight from a recipe for a refreshing foot bath from 1772 - The Toilet of Flora, which contains numerous cosmetic and remedial recipes. Juniper berries are reputed to be ‘stimulating & disinfecting’, rosemary was thought to ‘renovate vitality of limbs’, angelica was thought to be purifying and pennyroyal was ‘refreshing and repelled pests’!

1772 Aromatic Bath for the Feet

  • (each bag makes 8 doses):

    1. Add 2 tsps of herbal mix to a mug of boiling water, & allow to infuse for about 5 minutes.

    2. Strain the herbal infusion into a footbath of hot water.

    3. Check the water isn't too hot, and enjoy a good 10 minutes of soaking!



  • Pennyroyal, Sage, Rosemary, Angelica, Juniper.



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