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How To Store Chocolate...

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Don't Put Them in the Fridge!

Chocolate absorbs odours. Chocolate (or more accurately the cocoa butter) absorbs any odours and flavour from foods stored around them, so your chocolate may end up smelling and tasting of cheese!

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Sugar Bloom

Bringing chocolates out of the fridge will lead to a temperature and humidity change, creating moisture as condensation. This moisture brings the sugars to the surface as ‘sugar bloom’. As the moisture evaporates the sugar is left on the surface giving the chocolate a white, dusty appearance, and a changed texture and taste.

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Store in a cool dry place

We always say “store in a cool, dry place”. This means ideally around 15-18° C (59-64°F) and a relative humidity of less than 55%. This will keep plain chocolate bars at their optimum for several months. However, don’t forget the rule above about keeping your chocolate away from strong smells etc.

Tin Box

What is the best place to keep chocolate?

You can keep chocolate in a tin or a box, or even an airtight container, which will all protect your chocolate from unwanted odours.

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Away from light

Keep your chocolate away from any light, not just sunlight. Sunlight may melt it, but any light can also oxidise your chocolate, leading to blooming.

How to break the rules…

You can put chocolate in a fridge, or even a freezer, but you must seal them completely in an airtight container without too much extra space inside. Once you remove them from the fridge or freezer, make sure that they completely return to an ambient temperature before opening the container, to prevent condensation or moisture forming.


Cool - Dry - Dark

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