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  • Does ‘18th Century’, ‘1596’, ‘1685’ etc mean that it is out of date?"
    No – It means that it is based upon a recipe from that year or period of time (and it is a very unoriginal joke).
  • Weren’t spices used to cover the flavour of rotten meat in medieval times?
    No - Spices were very expensive. If you could afford spices, you had access to fresh meat. Also, eating rotten meat is very dangerous, whether spiced or not. If you don’t believe me – go home and try it!
  • Wasn’t food very bland in the past?
    No - This theory only really dates to the Second World War. There were probably more spices being used in cookery in the past than there are today.
  • Did they really eat these things?
    Yes! Do you really think that we just make it up?!
  • Did they have sugar in medieval times?
    Yes – Sugar is not indigenous to the West Indies. The Spanish took it over there. Sugar was coming from North Africa and Persia during Medieval times.
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