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About Nick

The Copper Pot is all about food from history. We bring recipes to life so that you can enjoy a real taste of the past.


Have you ever wondered what people in history actually ate? What was it like to sit down and eat a meal during medieval times? What did those spices really taste like? We want you to enjoy the spiced wines from the Court of King Richard II, tuck into a rich stew eaten during the times of William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth, or try the succulent hot chocolates from the 17th an 18th centuries, spiced from flavours from all over the known world..


We work from original recipes, recreating a wide range of fabulous tastes from history. We keep as close as possible to those recipes, without substituting alternative ingredients, so you can explore the fabulous flavours of Graines of Paradise, Cubebs, Long Pepper, Galangal...


We bring you these foods and drinks so that you can enjoy them at home, by making them from easy to use mixes, or have a taste at a talk about historic food. We also attend a wide range of events throughout the year. 

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